"Gambler Kernes" Unscrew: Kharkov left communist title
November 13, 2015
3:45 pm EEST

The site of the Kharkov City Council has published information about the "old" new name "Communist" of the city.

So, Oktyabrsky district will be known as the month in which the Ukraine liberated from Nazi invaders.

According to the City Commission on the place names and the protection of historical and cultural environment at the Kharkov City Council, 20 October 2009, a former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree "On the Day of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders" who ordered to celebrate this memorable date annually on 28 October. On this day in 1944 put an end to the enslavement of the territory of Ukraine by the Nazis.

"On October 28 thousands of Ukrainians lay flowers to the mass graves and memorials in honor of the millions of fallen soldiers and civilians," - say in the City Council.

Dzerzhinsky district will be renamed in honor of the doctor-psychiatrist and neurologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor Vladislav Dzerzhinsky.

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