The Defense Ministry acknowledged: Kharkov military commissars called to the service of people with serious diseases
August 18, 2015
4:03 pm EEST

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine promised to conduct an official investigation into the call to military service resident of Kharkov, which, as it turned out, was not suitable to the service on health grounds. This was at the briefing, which was broadcast channel "112 Ukraine" deputy head of the mobilization department APU Alexander Pravdivets.

"From the events with the preliminary establishment that were conducted, it was found that a person who conscript, who was subject to (call) for compulsory military service, was called up for military service and the decision of the military-medical commission was exempted from military service for Health - disease, which is not related to their military service. During his appeal had been mistakes in the conduct of his medical examination, and deciding on the suitability of the district and regional draft boards. On this occasion will be conducted an internal investigation and measures in accordance with the legislation ", - said Pravdivets.

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