NBU has forbidden prematurely withdraw deposits from banks
August 17, 2015
6:06 pm EEST

National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks freed from the obligation to return deposits on demand of the client.

This was said in the press-service message of the NBU.

It is reported that this decision was taken on the basis of the law passed earlier by the Verkhovna Rada and came into force in June.

"The main purpose of this law was to balance the interests of banks and their depositors. On the one hand - is the preservation of the investor the right to choose the conditions of the placement and timing of contributions, and the other - to provide banks with legal levers to establish a balance of assets and liabilities of banks through the adjustment mechanism for the return of deposits" , - the report says.

Earlier in the NBU reported that, in connection with the stabilization of the situation on the currency market, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) analyze the possibility of a significant easing in early June this year introduced more than a year ago, restrictions on the issuance of deposit.

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