Scientists understand the causes of enmity between cats and dogs
August 14, 2015
2:39 pm EEST

The researchers found that the appearance of cats on the continent about 18.5 million years ago, the most lamentable way affected the lives of wild dogs that lived in North America. Competition from cats led to extinction of about 40 species of dogs.

As researchers found, because of the rivalry with food felines impact on a variety of dog species even more than climate change. This is the conclusion an international team of biologists came in 2000 after studying fossils.

About 22 million years ago in North America is home to over 30 species of animals from the family dog. Then, on the Continent were cats: they have come to the isthmus that once connected Asia and Alaska.

Ancient North American cats were more efficient hunters than dogs that played a tragic role in the development of species. To date, the region inhabited by nine species of the dog family - including the family dog, writes The Daily Mail .

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