Not greedy Ukrainians, nor the brotherly people. A new country in the neighborhood with Russia

You know, that seems to be the most fun when you leaf through the Russian "Wikipedia"? The fact that the category of event two years ago is not any news about Ukraine. Well that is all for the entire month. In the Russian reality in August 2013 Ukraine was not. I'll tell you more: except for a couple of news, Ukraine is not in August 2013th in Ukrainian "Wikipedia".

In "pominalnik" two years ago - Edward Snowden, an antipiracy law and chemical attack in Syria. Ukraine somewhere on the periphery of attention. Those two pieces of news, thanks to which it is included in the list, boring and ordinary. One that Viktor Yanukovych has promised to meet the conditions for signing an association agreement with the EU. The second - that Moscow, Ukrainian exports stopped indefinitely.

Before the first protest on Independence is exactly two and a half months.

Павел КАЗАРИН, Росбалт

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