August 6, 2015

Together with the Prime Minister today presented a new patrol police.

I am cunning, stood on the left, and Prime with its 1.92 m growth was in an unusual position, next to our Kiev policeman giant Dima 2.20. They laughed together - met. Both are happy. Dima - a native of Khmelnitsky, happy to be in the hometown of a new police!

They opened the set.

People come to much. Those who join the police, who express the position of the claim or the minister and the prime minister. Fine! Well, speak plainly. From the position at the front of subsidies to local and bribes ...

But still the main excitement was in the hall, where they took the questionnaire on a contest for new police.

During the first two hours - 260 applications in the open set - 250. We expect competition for one place 10: 1. And it's great! This is a guarantee of quality new police!

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