How to prevent a catastrophe amber
August 4, 2015

About a month ago, Ukraine from the media and from the mouth of the president learned that we have a problem of illegal extraction of amber. That there is a whole succinic mafia which trades on the territory of several areas - Rivne, Zhytomyr and Volyn.

Then the president gave an indication of security officials to fight illegal fishing that empties the state coffers and destroys nature. Began to appear about the detention there, here a valuable cargo. According to official reports, the border guards, from the beginning of the year they detained 800 kg of smuggled amber.

The treasury is suffering greatly because of the order of 90% (!) Amber is mined illegally. This is an average of 30 tons annually. A total reserves of amber is estimated at 1,500 tons. On the world's only stock exchange in the Polish Gdansk amber for 1 gram of raw yellow yield treasures from 3 to 8 euros. Thus, we get a very impressive amount with a lot of zeros, which misses the budget of Ukraine.

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