Stick to your guns, Kharkov! Less than two months left
July 29, 2015
"Please tell me how to call the patrol police in Odessa? The police did not react." This comment by a police patrol post on Facebook could not have got exactly resonate with my own thoughts.
I would also very much like to call the patrol police in Kharkov, in my home yard. Because no day without night "entertainment." A few days ago some loud music fan kerf music, and it was already past midnight. The day before yesterday some company decided to jump on the trampoline closer to two nights. Jumped they are, of course, not in silence. Yesterday another company (and maybe the same) Aki neighing horses, making it difficult to sleep. And if they do note - will even louder. Call the police on a "small" (in their opinion) business - our own peril. Can not come yet, and will be guilty.

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