It is easy to be anti-Stalinist, when Stalin died
July 26, 2015

Tired already writing about the "lustration in the Kharkov", yet another stroke.

Think first, it seems, the session of the regional council in 2010, when Igor came Rainin criticized the then regime. And it is this criticism did not stop speaking at the session and publishing their articles. Think of all the other events that took place during those 4 years.

Remember what it was like to be a deputy of the opposition. Remember performances Ludmila Belova at the session and antics regionals, remember podbolnitsu, searched the investors and the then Marina Epishina night interview. Remember, that was at the court. Remember how finished the Fatherland, the only opposition party in Kharkiv and what it cost to keep it Ephraim. I remember everyone who was there.

And now, it comes in most journalists, think community members who were active, bold and demonstrations of their position. I also remember them, but "lyustratorah" they did not see. They were few, many of which are jammed and forgotten in today's hectic. And many of them are tired.

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