The dark history of the opposition bloc
July 24, 2015

That such a detective story with the opposition bloc in the Kharkiv region.

Documents submitted, then respond.

And then several times.

The suit in the District Administrative Court served, then, after a few sessions, responds.

This Mykhailo Dobkin, the leader of this political force in the region, threatens Twitter defeat in local elections and "to send fuck dekomunizatorov concern" that is simply to mobilize the electorate.

Strangely all this is unclear.

It seems that the elections they just do not plan to go, but they need a reason to do it beautifully and save face in front of the voters, well and blame the authorities, where without it.

Their ellektorat happy gobbled up the bait and believe that it really blame the authorities that they "did not register."

But maybe it's worth all the carefully prochtitat news and realize that things are not as simple as they want to present "opposition"?

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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