MIA - at the forefront of reform. Act adopted by the National Police
July 2, 2015

Finally, there was a truly historic event, which have been waiting for the people of Ukraine.

The bill в–2822 of the National Police adopted. In the second reading and in general it supported 278 deputies.

Now, with the adoption of the law, there were legal grounds in order to fully engage not cosmetic, but a real, major change in the police in Ukraine.

Old police disappearing forever.

I think that to regret it is unlikely that anyone would be. In its place comes a very different, in fact, in spirit and even the appearance of the structure. On the other objectives, other objectives and other principles. Chief of which are fond of saying interior minister "to serve and protect."

It is worth noting that only because of the energy Arsen Avakov this process managed to break the deadlock and lead to the logical result. It was he who became the head of the structure, which had the lowest trust rating among the population, not afraid of responsibility and undertook to reform something with which, apparently, nothing can be done.

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