Nikolaev takers - with great audacity and exceptional cynicism
July 2, 2015

The other day all seen the video in which the traffic police in the Mykolaiv region "obilechivali" drivers, did not think about that in the country was the Maidan and in Ukraine, in fact pass reform. Including the Ministry of Interior.

After everything that has happened and is happening in our country, this behavior recorded on video looks like looting, extreme svolochizm and frank rudeness. Besides that etobanalno felony.

The Criminal Code contains the wording relating to the true composition of another crime, "with great boldness and exceptional cynicism ..." So here it was the first and the second. And the audacity and cynicism.

Without disgust to look at it was not.

Such emotions, and even at times more obviously, the interior minister, who saw this picture, almost instantly flew to the place of traffic police disbanded, and urgent way Mykolayiv region included in the plan to build a new police force.

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