Our Christianity
July 2, 2015

Our Christianity:

In Budapest, at the entrance to a huge, beautiful Basilica Sv.Shtefana I saw a Russian tourist in the middle-aged who devoutly crossed herself before to log in. I asked her (really just like that, without any ulterior motive):

- This Roman Catholic cathedral?

(After all, he could have been a Lutheran). She apparently decided that in my question contained a rebuke over its sign of the cross in front of the temple of a strange confession, some condescending and moralistic answered me with a challenge:

- My grandmother always told me that there is one God!

Shame, I hastened to retire ... Until now, I was under the impression: that's how our people reach the Mosaic commandment ...

Already leaving the church, I heard them as she explains companions:

- I'm not a believer myself, but you know that something is there ...

And then a long and earnestly lectured them:

- Be sure to wear a scarf. No, no, this is a must. And that will not be allowed!

Альфред КОХ

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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