A strange synchronicity Sergei Leshchenko and channel "Inter"
July 1, 2015

Sergei Leshchenko, as well as speakers and qualification level lower, synchronous decided to attack the minister Avakov.

The main thing that is actively involved in the channel "Inter" on which the soloist is often the very same speakers, lower level, spreading various far-fetched stories about the wrong bags, it is not about the form. Scenes look and realize that they are about. But behind the bright and well-replicated.

This media is known to be controlled by Messrs Firtash and Liovochkin. Given this, we can conclude that it is beneficial to them. As a whole, beneficial to the opposition bloc collapse of the coalition and early elections. Because the ratings are rising and falling power ratings.

In addition, all this was preceded by correspondence, where Avakov wrote on Liovochkin and Liovochkin for Avakov. And because the motivation of "Inter" about clear.

Still haunted by a strange synchronicity actions. If Inter, again, everything is clear, that is why it is "time" is activated Sergei Leshchenko - no. It seems to be not an MP from the opposition bloc.

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