"I'm tired of looking in the eyes shameless"
July 1, 2015

"I'm tired of looking in the eyes shameless" - Arsen Avakov to dismiss all members of the police employee Mykolaiv region.

Arsen Avakov today in Nikolayev took the decision to dismiss all employees of traffic police Nikolaev region.

Their functions are to recruit and train new members of the patrol, the volunteer will carry special forces "Peacemaker".

I think that the quality of the work from this not only does not suffer, but also to improve.

In addition, today Mykolaiv region became the fifth region of Ukraine (after Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv and Lviv), which started the preparation of a new patrol mainly of those who never worked before in the police and is not infected with the virus of corruption.

During the year the planned total replacement of the old traffic police patrol and inspection service (PPP) with a new patrol selected for competition in Ukraine.

In addition to traffic police personnel layoffs are expected, and other changes in the staffing of the Regional Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Mykolaiv region.

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