Why minsistru Avakov facebook?
July 1, 2015

Many continue to criticize the Minister of Internal Affairs, because he is an avid user of the social network facebook, not understanding fully, the value of what is called the efficiency, accuracy and completeness of the information. However, almost all the politicians of the Western world have long run their pages in social networks and consider it absolutely normal. As for the situation with the Minister, in an illustration, I would like to cite one recent example, an instant prompt response to the actions of their subordinates.

Judge for yourself:

June 29 at 20:27 Elena Kabashnaya published in his video page, where Nikolaev traffic police take bribes.

June 29 at 22:44 Dmytro Sichko tag, t. e. notes the Interior Minister in this publication and asked to take note of the published material.

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