Ukraine in the war
June 26, 2015
Ukraine in the war. It is a strange kind of this war. Said hybrid. I do not quite understand the term, but I know that their homeland, their land, their freedom and independence must be protected. How? Of course, with weapons in their hands, as did our fathers and grandfathers. It is necessary to defend your yard, street and home, his mother and sister and not let the enemy to them, because it's scary, deadly.
You must be able to protect themselves, their right to live in humane conditions, to study at prestigious institutions, of which the Kharkov can not count, to protect his girlfriend and his right to be a man. Not a boy hid behind her mother's skirt, not a fugitive from home, so as not to get a summons, not a coward. Because if chickened out once, then a second chickened necessary. After all, man is not the one who wears pants, and one who behaves like a man.

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