"Welton" blocks "Home" to address Roskomnadzor?
June 9, 2015

The strange thing is obtained ... "Home" - one hundred percent Ukrainian site, the Internet provider "Welton" - as if the same (LLC "Velton.Telecom" (registered by the executive committee of the Kharkiv city council 01.08.07, the record number in the Unified State Register legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs 1 480 136 0000 037110. Location: 61002, Kharkiv region., Kharkov, Sumskaya str., 50)) ...

But in his native Kharkov subscribers "Welton" can not read "Home"!

This morning, our office receives a call: "What's wrong with you ?! You shut down? !!!"

It turns out, the subscriber "Welton" with Saltovka can not go to our website, it beats in hysterics, and declares that: a) he was informed about blocking his favorite resource "by the decision of state power", and b) that he would complain to the "higher authorities "if" Home "has not unlocked.

We ask him to calm down, to send screenshots and comment ...

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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