"March of Equality"
June 6, 2015

Today in Kyiv on Obolonska embankment, held an event organized by the representatives of the LGBT community of Kiev - "March of Equality", which aims - defense of the principles of equality and respect for the rights of every person.

The venue was kept secret by the organizers as much as possible.

However, unfortunately, a collision between the LGBT community and their opponents could not be avoided completely.

In place of the procession arrived about 100 aggressive young people in the balaclava to prevent "Equality March".

The collision in the police to ensure security, a powerful firecracker was thrown with attached tape metal elements.

One of the policemen was seriously wounded in the neck by shrapnel resembling nail that tore one of his arteries.

If he had not been given urgent qualified medical aid, the police officer could die within 5-7 minutes from loss of blood.

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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