Poroshenko urges opponents to support his reforms
August 23, 2015
3:24 pm EEST

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on all political forces to support his efforts at constitutional reform and conflict resolution in the Donbass.

During his speech at the celebrations in honor of the Ukrainian flag Poroshenko called on politicians, including opponents to overcome their differences on the issue of amending the Constitution.

In July Poroshenko submitted to the parliament a draft law on changes to the Constitution of Ukraine concerning the decentralization of power. It states that the characteristics of the local government in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are defined by a separate law. The mention of this proposed to the Constitution of Ukraine.

July 31, the Constitutional Court found the law with the relevant requirements of the basic law of the country.

Now Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine even at the current session should be put to the question of support for changes in the constitution in terms of decentralization. To do this, you need to dial 226 votes "for".

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