Kazakhstan has suspended the sale of dollars
August 20, 2015
9:29 am EEST

Some commercial banks and exchange offices in Kazakhstan to suspend the sale of the dollar after the tenge sent to float freely, it has fallen by almost a third, "Interfax".

"As long as there is no information on the course, as will the information, open site," - reported in Kazkommertsbank.

Do not operate equipment stores and websites. Closure of some trading houses.

The average selling rate of the dollar Thursday in Kazakhstan's commercial banks and exchange offices on Thursday averaged 258 tenge / $ 1. This is 60 tenge more than it was selling rate of the dollar in exchange offices on Tuesday.

The Halyk Bank rate for the dollar was 256 tenge sale - 257 tenge. The Bank CenterCredit buying 255 tenge 257 tenge for sale.

In exchange offices in Almaty, Astana and sale of a number of cities the average is 258 tenge, buy - 250 tenge.

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