The Ministry of Social Policy explained that there will be a labor book
August 18, 2015
8:58 pm EEST

Ministry of Social Policy sees sense in abolishing work books, but is still considering a bill on this, because there are certain social clauses.

This was the Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Vitaliy Muschinin said during the hotline of the Cabinet, reports Ukrinform.

"Today we are very carefully studying the bill, which is on the coordination of the Ministry. The abolition of work books there is a certain sense, but today we see certain legal inconsistencies of this process. Now we can take into account the experience of the person, since 2000, already without labor books, but there are certain times that people should confirm the work book - it is the experience, which was until 2000. So in this case we have a purely social clause to the bill, "- he said.

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