New Interior Ministry special forces soldiers gain from volunteer battalions
August 18, 2015
8:46 pm EEST

This broadcast "Gromadska TB," said advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivan Varchenko.

"There will be five thousand ... we have an understanding of what people today have become a special forces soldiers cords. We understand that this volunteer battalions of "Falcon", the ones who worked in the police battalions of special forces and not stained his biography. This is - people are physically prepared, it is - people with high moral values. From 21 to 35 years "- he said.

According Varchenko, special forces will also be able to become the current patrol police and any member of the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who will take the appropriate testing. Training of new commandos planned to start in the autumn.

"We assume that in the autumn we will start these exercises. It will probably be in October. It will not be a crash course, "- said Varchenko.

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