Son controversial prosecutor dismissed from office Baganza
August 18, 2015
6:49 pm EEST

Alexander Baganza, the son of former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Alexei Baganza, was dismissed from the post of Attorney Obolon district of Kyiv in connection with his transfer to another post

This was reported in the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in response to the request, it transmits "UNN" .

According to the August 11, Baganets was dismissed and transferred to another position in a different prosecuting authorities. In the GPU refused to say on what kind of position he was appointed.

"... The Order of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine of 08.11.2015 specified in the request for the person dismissed prosecutor Obolon district of Kiev in connection with the transfer to a post in another authority of the prosecutor's office submitted the request," - said in response.

The Prosecutor General's Office reported that the younger Baganets still has not passed the lustration test, which lasts from March 20. "Lustration test still ongoing," - said in response.

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