The founder of the "Kommersant" urges Russians to leave the country until it is too late
August 18, 2015
6:25 pm EEST

The founder of the publishing house "Kommersant" Vladimir Yakovlev, who now lives in Israel, urges Russians to leave the country.

"Intuition is like me has never let down. I am sure that Russia soon - weeks, months - to be one of two scenarios. Or - a change of government with a completely unpredictable and dangerous consequences. Or - severe social crisis with street crime, lack of basic necessities and the real danger to the life and health of citizens, "- he wrote.

"Therefore, without any jokes: If possible, leave and, most importantly, the children were taken away," - he recommends.

Yakovlev said that you can not go forever, but in two or three months, six months.

"But - leave. If during this time did not happen, and the situation will get better, I'll be very glad to be wrong ", - he added.

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