Expert: Putin traveled to solve the internal problems of Crimea
August 18, 2015
6:13 pm EEST

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Crimea is connected with the internal problems of the peninsula. This is a comment Gazeta.ua said political analyst Taras Zagorodny.

"It turns out that in the Crimea over the Ukrainian mentality than we would like Russians and the residents of the Crimea, who defended the Russian position. Because the inhabitants of the peninsula, when you do not like the authorities are beginning to go to rallies, as it was on August 12 in Sevastopol. For Russia, this generally unacceptable. king alone, and no one can contradict him. harshly suppressed them they can not. Because then stories like that in the Crimea, all right? So I had to go to Putin, "- he said.

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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