Experts: Ukraine is waiting for the next wave of mobilization, but it does not help
August 18, 2015
7:00 pm EEST

In Ukraine, on Monday, August 17, the finished sixth, the last of the General Staff of the planned wave of mobilization. Mobilized 13 thousand. People, accounting for only 50% of the plan, according to TSN with reference to the military analyst.

It is reported that military experts believe that Ukraine is waiting for the seventh wave of mobilization.

"Sixth, the last of the General Staff planned for this year, a wave of mobilization ended August 17th. It is made up of only 50%. Instead of 25 thousand troops managed to take only 13 thousand", - said in a statement.

As noted, these figures experts attribute the fall wave of patriotism that dominated last year.

"When the state" decimated "by the war - to demand that citizens are not" mowed down ", there is no reason," - said the director of military programs Nikolai Sungurovsky.

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