Ukraine will strengthen cooperation on the World Bank
August 18, 2015
5:26 pm EEST

Creating a project office and the facilitation accelerate modernization. This UNN reported in the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

During a meeting with World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Qimiao Phanom sides discussed issues of improving the efficiency of cooperation and implementation of ongoing projects.

Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko made a proposal to the World Bank to review the technical procedures and the terms of coordination of design decisions.

"In crisis conditions, procedural delays are unacceptable joint projects either for Ukraine or for the World Bank", - he stressed.

The official suggested that a working group of representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development and the World Bank, which have built up proposals for changes in operating manuals and terms of reference for future projects to be implemented by the World Bank in Ukraine.

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