In Kiev stops can charge the phone and Wi-Fi access
August 17, 2015
3:41 pm EEST

Today in Kyiv there are 2512 public transport. The city authorities have decided to undertake their reconstruction, to bring to the Western European standards, writes News .

The first stage stops are made of durable vandal proof materials. An important condition - free of spontaneous trade 20-meter area.

In the second stage stops equip Wi-Fi, as well as devices for charging phones.

Now the authorities look for a suitable investor. According to preliminary estimates, the reconstruction of half of all the stops in Kiev will cost at least 30 million. Dollars.

"It is still being discussed option stops during the week layout it will be presented to the public. Then begin the discussion stage. Residents of the city will be able to express their wishes or comments. Regarding timing, the end of the year, more than half of the existing stops need to be replaced by new sample stop ", - reported the press service of the KSCA.

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