New York foster killed granddaughter Morgan Freeman
August 17, 2015
9:39 am EEST

In the heart of New York killed foster granddaughter of American actor Morgan Freeman.
According to the television channel CNN, 33-year-old body Edens Hines with multiple stab wounds found by the police. The murder occurred on Sunday night in the street where the deceased lived.

The only suspect in the murder was arrested at the scene. His name has not officially called. We only know that this 30-year-old man. The charge brought against him until he sent for psychiatric examination.

According to eyewitnesses, the man assaulted Haynes with shouts that she is obsessed with demons, and he should expel them.

Family Morgan Freeman released an official statement in which it expressed its deep sorrow over the death of Hines. Reception granddaughter often accompanied by Freeman at various ceremonies, and the actor stressed that refers to her as a mother.

Eden Hines accounts granddaughter Morgan Freeman's first wife. She received her acting training, but in recent years, mainly engaged in educational programs for urban youth.

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