Channel Donetsk separatists unexpectedly revealed the true situation in the country
August 16, 2015
9:20 am EEST

While the legendary Donetsk alcoholic stray in the "Speaker of the National Council of the DNI," tells about the situation in "the country" behind him played out a drama in the best tradition of the "Russian world".

Yesterday, Internet users found that the interview so-called "parliament speaker DNI" Purgina given them the separatist channel "Hold" on Wednesday, August 12, and on the review of "the situation in the republic," is much more interesting than might have been expected.

10-minute interview Purina traditionally dull - if we take into account only the rubbish, which he carries his goat voice. But redeem events in the background, which takes place from 4 minutes.

Namely, in the center of Donetsk, in broad daylight, the company drunks trying to "raise its knees" of his friend:

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