Yatsenyuk said that the state is ready to finance the construction of half of the Kharkiv metro with the local budget
August 31, 2015
8:51 am EEST

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk offered to finance the construction of the Kharkiv subway on a "50 to 50". The Head of Government said during a visiting session of the ministers, the heads of regional state administrations in Kyiv.

"There is a balance of retained funds for capital expenditures for the Kharkiv region. I propose to approach the subway "50 to 50" y you local budget revenues increased by 38%, ie plus 8 billion. as I was informed, consolidated budget area. Half giving you half - we're from the state capital investments. Please calculate and make to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the approach of co-financing from local and central government, "- said Yatsenyuk.

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