MP Lano told how began the "battle" with the SS in Mukachevo (video)
July 12, 2015
10:11 am EEST

The deputy of the Transcarpathian region, Mikhail Lano told his version of the events that led to the shooting in Mukachevo.

MP said that just before the shootout spoke with the commander of the "Right Sector" in Transcarpathia in his office, reports hromadske.tv . According to him, the soldiers' right quadrant "have turned to him for help for places in the sanatorium for soldiers who returned from the area of ввthe ATO.

"Here comes my assistant and said that one guy got shot. I said the battalion commander, so he went and comforted his children did not need to shoot," - said Michael Lano. According to the deputy, he is not called the police and law enforcement officers of the fighters came from Uzhgorod.

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