Why "Russian" Mistral will not send to the bottom. Expert Opinion
May 25, 2015
8:42 pm EEST

Flooding "Mistral", which so actively being discussed in the Russian media, it is impossible because of the international obligations of France and indeed from the point of view of common sense.

This was said by the activist and co-founder of the "No" Mistral "for Putin" Bernard Gruat in conversation with a correspondent of Ukrinform .

"The so-called oceanization, or deep flooding" Mistral ", which are now in Saint-Nazaire, is impossible because of environmental concerns, the international obligations of France and from the point of view of common sense" - said the activist.

According to him, the International Maritime experts believe that it is illegal under the provisions of the London Convention of 1972. "The Convention contains a list of prohibited waste to flooding, although the protocol amending the agreement of 1996 prohibits any discharge into the sea of ввmaterials, which are not listed specifically certain products of human activity," - said Gruat.

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