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May 5, 2015

Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash - Austrian Justice: "We got the result that they wanted. Poroshenko became president, but Klitschko - the mayor. "

... In a gray suit, a tie bordeaux, with sleek gray beard and a relaxed smile Firtash posed as if he was not caught up with the press photographer at the Regional Court of Vienna, and in the bed of the Opera House.

Interest in the European and American press to the process proved to be big. The score went to dozens of TV cameras. Ukrainian media, in particular, the newspaper "Today" broadcast messages about what is happening in real time. Journalists caught the remark, which cast a break meeting the honorary president of the Ukrainian Football Federation, UEFA vice-president Grigory Surkis MP from the party "opposition bloc" Vadim Rabinovich: "All will be well, my intuition does not fail me!"

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