All volunteers will
May 5, 2015

We all know that Ukrainian volunteers succeeded incredible. It is they, the people managers, could really help the formation of the Ukrainian Army, clothe and feed her. They appointed to high positions instead of the traditional Soviet generals were able to at least partially destroy the tried and tested for decades corrupt schemes.

So I thought, maybe we should use the successful experience of the volunteer movement for the whole country. Replace volunteer ministers and deputies! I am sure those of our fellow citizens will be more effective ambassadors of today's political parties and frank clan. Not burdened by the political experience of the past and parliamentary intrigues, they will be able quickly enough to separate the healthy grain Ukrainian internal life of the demagogic and criminal chaff. It is they, our volunteers will make that long demanded by common sense Ukrainian and foreign partners civilized - Department finally politics from business. The air in our country will immediately become cleaner and more pleasant.

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