Year tragedy in Odessa: Who will answer for the deaths
April 30, 2015

Urey Vendik. BBC Russian Service

Because of that a year ago, May 2, 2014 people died in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa? The answer to all external features is simple: because brainless angry mob. Only the scale of the tragedy, the political background and penchant for conspiracy prevented some believe it.

"Even those people who were in there - and I spoke to many - can not understand what happened. Some of the bodies that I have seen - as the man was sitting, and he died, as if it had frozen in that position. What was it? Until now, even the examination can not speak. Or does not want "- said the leader of the Communists in Odessa Maurice Ibrahim.

He is one of the activists Antimaydana, May 3, together with the police went into the building to the body count.

It is a typical question, one of the few that still asking all interested residents of Odessa.

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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