Historical ignorance mortal danger
April 30, 2015

Ignorance kills sobstvennno stories in a very real and immediate, a terrible sense of the word. Once again I was convinced of it, listening to Andrei Paramonov and Valeria Vahmyanina the presentation of two of their films - for Guardsmen and Shironintsev fighting near Sokolov.

Andrew is very emotionally and dramatically said that the work of the military historians with an analysis of combat operations, command errors and miscalculations in the battles for Kharkov, remain unclaimed. How to remain unclaimed and those 500 publications - books, articles, films that made him and his co-workers at their own expense.
It's really a titanic and selfless work of these historians from God. Not for fame, money and the Academic honorary titles, but only for internal reasons, chief among them - the duty to the people, worthy to live my life.

The room had a lot of young people. One girl. future TV director, told about how trying to collect material about the victims of Stalinist repression and appealed for help in the search for material in Kharkov Historical Museum. Alas, no help she had received, and was faced with a wall of indifference and incompetence.

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