How to make the city clean
August 12, 2015
Kharkov can not be called clean city. This is especially noticeable when you get off the main street, for example, Sumy, and will go into the first courtyard. Your eyes will most likely appear overcrowded trash can and bottle-wrap packages, scattered here and there. And if you move off to the outskirts, and even move somewhere away from home, it will be very sad.
In this regard, there are two traditional question: Who is to blame and what to do?
The problem of guilt is not uniquely determined. On the one hand, our Kharkiv sometimes do not behave in the best way, throwing garbage, where they like. Ate ice cream - and wrap his feet. And why not include it in the ballot box? He drank soda - bottle thrown from the car window. Even goes so far, that all unnecessary thrown from the windows of apartments. And everyone loves to abuse power. But, you see, it is unlikely the government or the president of the blame for the fact that people are so reckless attitude towards their environment.

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