Attention, action! Revanchists not pass!
July 31, 2015

On Friday, 07.31.2015, in the city of Kharkiv str. Petrovsky, 16, near the Main Department of Justice, will be held 16-00 protest. The basic requirements of participants:

1. At the legislative level, to recognize the Party of Regions - a criminal!

2. Do not log in Kharkiv region and the party "opposition bloc", the followers of the Party of Regions.

We ask that all democratic forces and citizens with an active position to come to the protest and to support our demands.

After all, if we do not stop these revenge-seekers, our region will be submerged in the abyss of terror and warfare. What is happening now in the east of the country, it is the fruits of the Party of Regions, who now call themselves "opposition bloc".

Come now or later will be too late!

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