Price understanding. My European friends
July 30, 2015

We had no idea how people live in China, "- confessed to me one of the participants of the left movement in Europe, which came out to protest against capitalism under the Maoist slogans in the late 1960s.

Maoism was then in vogue among the young and not so young (Sartre) European intellectuals. These people at one time done a lot to change the shape of Europe and the Western world in general, his passionate and relentless critique of capitalism.

Since then, it took more than 40 years. Some of the former rebels became quite respectable bourgeois, someone even sits in the European Parliament, while others radically revised his youthful looks and became a deep and intelligent critic of communism in all its manifestations. Many today still very skeptical of their governments to the policy of the West, which, of course, is quite normal and understandable.

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