July 30, 2015

I think about waves of mobilization in the country. About debilizatsii action military commissars, presenters agenda passersby on the streets of Kharkiv, Transcarpathian region of smugglers, which are recorded in the combat capability of the army ... All about the country and its armed forces in this difficult period.

In view of the state as required money and effort to the call, uniforms, training recruits from conditional to an average soldier accountant. In view of the failure to reach highly qualified warriors at the current motivation and training mobilized.


Army needed now and immediately translate into a professional contract basis, reducing the number of troops and increase the salary REAL qualified military and security. The order, preparedness and motivation - any number of beats.

This approach - has a future at catching recruits in the streets and trams - no.

As a minister and a member of the National Security Council make a statement to the proposal the need to implement such an approach without delay. I will refer to the Supreme Commander.

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