We begin to truly lyustrirovat
July 29, 2015

Looking at it as a process of social lustration in Ukraine in general, and in the Kharkiv region in particular, is becoming a farce, I, as the head of public organization "lustration Chamber of UkraineВ», declare that we are beginning the process does not imaginary, but real lustration.

We will make public the facts about those who actively served the regime of Yanukovych and is trying to climb back into power.

In particular, it concerns the so-called opposition bloc, which actually is the former Party of Regions, and its current leaders - is to repaint the former Regions, which led by their leader Yanukovych, brought the country to the current state.

They have no place in today's power and in today's Ukraine. Our goal is to inform people the truth about them and their activities.

Therefore, we invite all patriots, democrats and concerned citizens to join our initiative.

Enough of imitations!

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