July 25, 2015

The reform, which changes the current police the police - is a process. Motion. Steps. Efforts. Trud. The work, which involved first unit, then dozens and hundreds and finally thousands of people! Flywheel changes started.

In order to replace the old NEW - we need trained people, adequate salaries, facilities and of course - time! For qualitative change - we need the will, effort and money. Our team is working at full capacity and to raise funds, in addition to the budget, and foreign partners. But, nevertheless, we do not have a magic wand: waved once - and everything changed. Reform - a process of hard work, step by step. Here we go. Something you already see that something is not ...

How is the process? What to expect in the near future?

I report to you on the points and on the territory of our beautiful Ukraine:


- New patrol police closed from 4 July (2000 policemen).

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