Public lustration or lynching?
July 25, 2015

Today it was reported that the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Rainin failed public lustration.

Does Rainin with Yanukovych? No. He was all the time in opposition.

Whether served in the KGB? No.

So what's the question?

And all because he chose to engage in public affairs, that he had enough and did not run at the first call "lyustratorov", stand on a stool and report as a schoolboy about his personal life and performance.

All information about it is in the public domain and anyone need it can easily be found.

Besides, at my predvaritelnoyts information that will clarify later, at the meeting was the man who stood up and introduced ideological communist.

Ridiculous? me too.

If this is true, and if so we will Communists lyustrirovat officials, then where do we come?

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