Not yours. Why Maria Gaidar called traitor
July 25, 2015

In connection with the move to Ukraine Maria Gaidar, the official usage (we are talking about Russia - Ed.) Back-forgotten concept - a traitor. The word is repeated so often that there is no doubt: refined, well thought-out formulation lowered the top. On the ground, in the public and pro-government media, it is packaged in various interesting shapes, such as a question: "Do you act Maria Gaidar betrayal, yes or no?" (Here, as with the famous question Carlson: "Have you ceased drinking champagne in the morning yes or no? ", which, as you know, is not really a question but a statement.) Students can answer as you like - a lot, by the way, responded that" no, I do not consider a betrayal "- but it will remain in the memory of the word "traitor", and this was the ultimate goal.


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