Chernigivske ELECTION
July 19, 2015

One mandate. More than 90 candidates. And the two who have come together in an irreconcilable battle for deputy mandate. Sergiy Berezenko and Gennady Korban . And the pro-presidential opposition candidate.

I express your opinion.

What is happening now in Chernigov - not elections. It's a freak show of shame, of all the vile and filthy that have accumulated in our Ukrainian elections over the past two decades. Rations, contract, money, fight, scheme, lists ... Full set of black technologies.

And what will happen if you do not intervene? Already, the Interior Ministry has information about the upcoming election for the night trip to Chernihiv Athletes "tourists" from the two key candidates. And then? Busing, carousel, fights, turning off lights in areas broken urns? Again? !!

Men in camouflage uniforms, guns, shooting, confrontation "patriots" and the police? .. - Again? !!

Candidates who do you want? Such a price to get the deputy's mandate?

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