In support of the rule of law and the minister Avakov
July 13, 2015
When no one will demand the resignation of Avakov, it would mean that everyone is happy with the minister. And Minister of Internal Affairs, which suits all not suit me, as a citizen of Ukraine. MIA is always and everywhere - is a burning pan. And the more active the minister, the stronger the resistance. Because what I see and read - the minister is doing everything right, just enough squeal. By the way, I read in the books, even criminals like veins currently open and yelling obscenities good, so in the little hospital and sent for interrogation is not pulled. And I shall come to this. Interestingly, at Inter or show a similar show?
In any crisis situation silly and pointless to assess the actions of the provocateurs. And to appeal to their reason - it's all to make people laugh. But you can always try to reach a thoughtful and sincere people who can accept arguments. And the arguments in this case are approximately as follows:

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