Avakov are powerless
July 6, 2015

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov outputs for the state is the second consecutive regional division of GAI. I have no doubt that it will be followed and the next. Traffic police in the place of modern life is not there. And how delighted the citizens are to patrol police, which did not yet commit heroic, but at least in a human to talk to them, is a clear manifestation of this simple statement of fact.

So the question is not whether there is life after the traffic police, and what it will be. And the answer to this question depends not on Avakov and not by the patrol police. It depends on the Ukrainians themselves.

During his life, I had to drive on the roads of many countries of the world. Almost all of them do without traffic police. But clearly divided into two unequal categories - the country in which citizens and respect the rules of the country in which citizens spit on them. And in those and other countries the fact of the possible existence of a corrupt division on the roads would cause obvious social exclusion. And in some - where its SAI - even evoked.


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