Return of foreign currency deposits of 5.05: What really happened on July 2
July 3, 2015

Pending before the third (!) Reading в–1558-1 Act was introduced in the agenda not ahead of time, and already the middle of the evening session - as if in exchange for the return to the hall of the alternating two "coalition" fractions (C / n, and RP). True Project distributed a little earlier than they left, someone in exchange for his inclusion in the program you will be returning.

After the law was defeated (225 per 226 when necessary), Chairman of BP, forgetting for a vote to return to it, just put it - in flagrant violation of the procedure - again, after which he scored 229, ie has been received, if it is assumed taking a vote without returning to the vote, which is unacceptable, even taking into account that the standard works head of BP.

Most of the deputies were convinced that it was a vote for a return, as expected after the failure of the project, but then suddenly sounded, he accepted. That is illegally voted no return - it's all understood not in vain instead of the standard celebrations on occasion making a resonant act took everyone waving his arms calling for a final vote.

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